My biggest passion is the development of the human body’s physical (and mental) qualities. I help people look better and improve their physical/athletic performance.

In the past:
I worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach at the national tennis association, HC Kehra (one of the top handball clubs in the country) and 3D Treening (the biggest MMA/BJJ gym in Estonia).
FAF Estonia lecturer.
IPT Estonia lecturer.

I help regular people achieve their best body and performance. I also train different athletes, mostly tennis players and combat sports athletes.

I have played different sports (soccer, basketball, karate, swimming, acrobatics, boxing, Thai boxing, wrestling, BJJ/grappling, MMA) for over ten years, most of all track and field & MMA.

I improve my knowledge and skills daily, to offer you better results.

  • BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach (London)
  • Certified Speed and Agility Coach
  • Youth Speed and Agility Specialist
  • Certified FRC Mobility Specialist (London)
  • Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach
  • Precision Nutrition level I
  • Strength and Conditioning in Tennis (Warsaw)
  • Ido Portal Movement X seminar (Lisbon)
  • Functional Range Release, upper limb (Ghent)
  • PRI Postural Respiration
  • PRI Myokinematic Restoration
  • Classical- and sports massage, manual muscle testing (Eesti Massaaži- ja teraapiakool)
  • Complete Jumps Training
  • Training the Female Athlete
  • Complete Speed Training
  • Complete Sports Conditioning
  • Joint Friendly Strength Training
  • Complete Core
  • etc

Creator of training classes “Master of Movement” ja “Mobility/NinjaYoga”.

Book “Tuharad trimmi“, translated book “Persse-need-kalorid

My motto is constant progress, physically and mentally.