Training program for people (re)starting strength training.
version 1.2

This program will help you:

  • build strength
  • increase muscle tone
  • with proper nutrition, look better (change body composition, build muscle or burn fat)
  • upgrade performance
  • decrease injury risk
  • safely and reasonably enter the strength/muscle training world

Suitable for men and women.

In the program there are exercises for the upper body, lower body and for the core. There are 60+ videos of exercises and variations (exercise names are links).

Strength training (resistance training) is one of the most important and fundamental physical activities a human should do. The training program lasts 10 weeks and you can choose between training twice a week or three times a week. One workout lasts about 60 minutes on average (or about 30-75 min, depending on what week you are on, how much time you spend on warm-up and selfies nad how long the rest periods are).

After the purchase you can download three files. The first is the general file with the program and instructions, the others are just the two and three times a week programs separately, so you don’t have to scroll too much on your device during the workout. The files are in .pdf format.